Hi, I'm an extream reader and observer

Here in this blog I share my experiecnes about life and readings and all what is going on.

Blog Posts

Best of 2015

Wait, is 2015 almost over? It’s been a strange year for us over here in MN. Lots of getting used to our new lives, making small decisions, settling into new routines.Continue reading 

Quiet End of December Week

How is your week going, friends? Enjoying the quiet lull between Christmas and New Year’s? We’re all trying to get over colds here and taking it easy.Continue reading 

Joining a Gym

Guys, I joined a gym.  I’ve never joined a gym before. It always seemed to expensive, too full of treadmills, too hardcore, too suburban.Continue reading 

Minnesota December

I’m not sure how we managed this, but it’s been a lovely, calm and quiet December. Lots of gray skies, and tea, and candles, and changing into pajamas at 7pm. Continue reading 

Minimalism and Eight Ideas for Escaping The Materialism Brain-Drain

I started feeling it almost immediately after moving to the US last year. It started in the yogurt aisle. [There are so many types of yogurt! Which one should I choose? Continue reading 

Five Thankful Things

It’s November, friends, and so far here in MN it’s been totally gorgeous: faded browns and oranges, foggy mornings, balmy afternoons.Continue reading