Quote Of The Week

Problems look mighty small from 150 miles up

Written by breakfastinmoscow  Posted in November 2, 2015

Any other dishwashers out there? Any cooks? Any bathroom cleaners? Launderers? Care givers? Homemakers? Full-time parents? Maternity-leavers? Corporate employees at the end of a long Monday, drying dishes in the kitchen? This quote is for you, on those days when you feel a little antsy:

“There was so much to be thankful for: there was pleasure in her work, in the rituals and routines of service, the care and conservation of beautiful things, the baking of good bread and the turning of rough, raw foods into savoury and sustaining meals. There was pleasure, too, in the little clutch of people that she now had clustered around her.”               -Jo Baker

The quote is from Longbourn, a novel by Jo Baker set in Jane Austen’s England. It follows the Pride and Prejudice story as told from the Bennet family’s servant’s perspective. It’s beautifully written, and so immersive and atmospheric. I highly recommend it.

Also, I just loved this quote. It so perfectly describes the quiet days when homemaking feels like a joy. For me at least, I appreciate those days more when I have a week full of cerebral work, and busy office days to counter the at-home responsibilities.

You? Any quotes that inspire your cleaning, your cooking, your at-home rhythms?